A lookbook of some of our most recent bespoke pieces.

You can buy and customise any of our current Gillian Million tiara collection in the shop via the link below. Alternatively, you can book your bespoke appointment to talk through your wishes, either in the studio, by telephone or via Skype.

Alexis Vintage Rhinestone Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Alexis Tiara

A truly romantic mid summer nights dream headdress. This magnificent tiara sits beautifully with hair piled up behind it creating a show stopping statement! Tiny seed pearls in ivory and cream with pieces of vintage rhinestone and Swarovski crystal catch the light. So beautiful!


Height 12 cm

Swarovski Scroll Bow Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Swarovski Scroll Bow Tiara

A brilliant cut Swarovski crystal scrolled tiara set with 6mm stones. The colour of the velvet base can be change changed to match your hair colour. A perfect finish!

Price: £425

Swarovski Crystal Regal Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Regal Tiara

A truly dramatic and statement tiara created using the finest brilliant cut Swarovski crystals mounted on palladium plated bronze frame. The velvet can be changed to match your hair colour.

Height: 2.5 cm

Elegance Band Crystal and Pearl Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Elegance Band Tiara

Simple sophistication! A tightly clustered tiara band modelled on the elegance tiara but not so high. Available in ivory and crystal and silver plated or gold plated wire. Swarovski crystal, seed pearl, glass bugle beads. 1 cm in height all the way round and camouflaged band in either gold or brown.

Price: £350

Swarovski Cylindrical Crystal Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Crystal Tiara

Swarovski cylindrical crystal tiara; absolutely stunning as it reflects the light off the many faceted crystals. Very light and elegant for a daylight into night time wedding. Height: 6.5cm tapering at the sides

Pearl and Vintage Rhinestone Sensibility Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Sensibility Tiara

Delicate fronds of glass pearl in either ivory,, white or cream, vintage rhinestone and Swarovski crystal form this elegant tiara which forms a subtle peak and tapers to each side.

On a camouflaged band to be lost in the hair. Incredibly comfortable so that you hardly feel you are wearing a tiara at all!

Height at its highest point is 2.5cm

Price: £325

| Wedding Accessory Collection
Ivory Pearl Cluster Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Elegance Tiara

Beautifully textured, clustered tiara. Intricately wired using silver or gold plated wire. Incorporating; varying sizes of simulated ivory pearls, Swarovski crystal in varying sizes, glass bugle beads, rock crystal, ivory freshwater pearls. Stunning accessory for hair that is piled up onto head accessorising a simple, elegant gown. 2.5 cm at highest point and tapering gradually.

Price: £475

Edwardian Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Edwardian Tiara

This tiara is reminiscent of times gone by having a slightly scalloped edge with hues of oyster/champagne and warmer tones. Champagne freshwater pearls, cubic zirconia, Swarovski ab crystal, glass moonstones, seed pearls, rock crystals and glass bugle beads. It has an inherited feel and extremely elegant. This tiara can be converted to a beautiful necklace to be worn in memory of the wedding day. 3 cm at its highest point.

Price: £375

Pearl and Crystal Coronet | Wedding Accessory Collection

Crystal Coronet

This coronet sits either asymmetrically on the head or on top of a loose up do with cascading curls out of it. Crystals and ivory freshwater pearls and glass round pearls are embedded into the mesh detail of this coronet using either gold effect wiring or silver plate.

Height of each pinnacle is 5.5 cm

Price: 375

Crystal Crescent Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Crystal Crescent Tiara

Chic and elegant Swarovski Crystal Ab or clear crystal tiara with a small smattering of ivory freshwater pearls. Gold or silver wiring. Easily converted into a necklace after wedding. Tiara band covered in mid brown or matte gold binding to camouflage into hair. This tiara can be converted into a beautiful necklace after the wedding to be worn in memory of your wedding day.

2cm at its highest point at the front

Price: £340

Pearl and Crystal Bewitched Headdress | Wedding Accessory Collection

Bewitched Headdress

So intricate and detailed; small beaded leaves, pearls, crystals, filigrees of tiny seed pearls create this beautiful tiara which sits round the head. A dense and clustered headdress like a halo of flowers. Available in gold and silver.

4 cm in width

Price: £475

Filigree Pearl and Crystal Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Filigree Pearl and Crystal Tiara

Filigree tiara using ivory freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal on a pearl and crystal encrusted band incorporating glass bugle beads. Gold or silver plated wire. Light and elegant. Also available including champagne freshwater pearls. 2.25 cm at highest point and tapering gradually.

Price: 295

Neptune Theatrical Crystal Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Neptune Tiara

Striking and theatrical tiara standing at 10cm tall at its highest peak. Hues of gold, cream and crystal incorporating 1940's antique pearls. Designed to any colour wave.

Price: £450

Ivory Pearl and Crystal Grace Tiara | Wedding Accessory Collection

Grace Tiara

3 rows of tapering simulated ivory pearls with Swarovski crystal rondelles. Chic and classic! 2 cm at highest point and tapering gradually. Choice of pearls in ivory, cream or white

Price: £275

Greek Scroll Tiara Set | Wedding Accessory Collection

Scroll Tiara

A low greek scroll tiara set with brilliant cut Swarovski crystals. Palladium plated. The colour of the velvet base can be change changed to match your hair colour. Height: 3.5 cm

Price: £425

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