Bespoke Gillian Million Hair Accessory with  Jenny Packham Gown.

Wow doesn’t Marie look beautiful?!? Her slinky Jenny Packham dress is divine and I love how she’s worn three individual hair accessories from Gillian Million as one statement piece – such a stylish Bride.

Marie came to visit me with one goal to find something individual and unique to fit the style and feel of her wedding in Sri Lanka.  We spent an hour together just chatting and I got to know her enough in a moment in time to asses her character and style and the look and feel of her wedding.   Marie was arriving in Sri Lanka having not met her hairdresser so therefore, not sure as to how she was having her hair.  The difference was that she had style, I have experience and the hair dresser had talent and between us we created the most beautiful result.  Marie looked stunning and she will cherish these photographs forever!  Thank you for visiting me and trusting me to show you that together, we can create something as beautiful as this hair adornment which will live on an on in all your memories of your special day.



Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1245       Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1156      Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1122

Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1116       Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1261      Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1098

Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1101       Destination-Wedding-Photography-Sri-Lanka-1338