We were absolutely delighted to receive this lovely feedback recently from a desperate bride in need of help with only days to go before her wedding…

Words fail me…


…..I say that, not only because how you helped me has been nothing short of wonderful and that in itself sort of left me speech(and word)less, but also because I’m a writer so words are the one thing I’m never in short supply of. Yet you are the reason why I am now trying to find words to express how you made such a difference, how you made me go from heartbroken and desperate to hopeful and ecstatic.


Thank you for, quite literally, saving the day. Thank you for repairing my dream dress that I was so heartbroken over, thinking it was beyond repair (and to be fair, it pretty much was – until you came to my rescue). Thank you for taking your time and showing such determination to help me make it right when I was never the customer with the budget of the customers you would normally receive, yet you made me feel so important and dedicated so much time to me. That is testament to a great business and to you as a business owner – most others would have dismissed me given I didn’t have lots to spend and there was very little in this for you. Yet you made me feel like a queen despite all of that and made me feel like my wedding day was a top priority and you made it one.


And that is what a local boutique should be. Sure, there is a niche for everything. Your business is aimed at brides with more of a budget than I have and had. You could have turned me away, but you didn’t. You set aside lots of your own time to 1) talk me through the options of rescuing a dress that is probably a tenth of the cost of the ones you typically stock, and 2) pulled out (and me in and out of them) countless dresses you might have been able to sell me and alter for me at short notice as an alternative.


You told me – two days short of my wedding day – that I shouldn’t worry, that you didn’t care if we were still working it out at midnight, that you were determined to make it right for me. You have no idea how much that meant, and means.


I just feel great people like you and the business you run should be praised and acknowledged and as a writer this is the one way for me to do that.


I cannot thank you enough. I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know, you’ve turned heartbreak into joy.