Hair Vine Collection launched with Photo Shoot at Gillian Million

Inspired Hair Vines from delicate lace on dresses to replicating flowers in the hair, we have created over 30 beautiful vines that can be created as pins, vines, on combs, camouflaged bands or anyway that you feel works best in your hair. Anna McCarthy Anna McCarthy Photography worked her magic in her truly unique story telling way creating a relaxed and ttuly professional environment resulting in the most stunning photography.

_MCC7105 copy         _MCC7001        _MCC6975 copy

Lucy St John worked magic on the models hair and make up using her stunning technique on relaxed up dos with pin curls at the base of the neck and the fabuloous body in her hair down styles as demonstrated by Sophi in the photo shoot.  Lucy St John Hair & Makeup

_MCC7370        _MCC7220 copy         _AMC9990

Due to a high demand for flexible hair decorations to work into the hair like a vine, we have launched our vine collection with a fabulous shoot using stunning models Sophi Simnett and Noa Sturgeon.  I like to think that my accessories are stunning in their own right but these girls make tham look truly beautiful!

_MCC7036 copy        _MCC7398 copy       _MCC7010 copy

All designs are made to order to any length, colour and detail so these are just a few images to inspire you to come for an appointment with Gillian Million and let’s create your own unique and truly perfect accessory!

70% of all images on your wedding day will be the bride and mainly of head and shoulders so think about what to have in your hair to put your personal and individual finishing touch to any wedding dress!

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