Following on from our article published today in Wedding Daily, we though we’d shout about our fabulous new 2015 bridal hair vines collection just one more time!  Due to such a high demand for flexible hair decorations to work into the hair like a vine, we took inspiration from delicate lace on dresses, to replicating flowers in the hair.  We have created over 30 beautiful vines that can be created as pins, vines, on combs, camouflaged bands or in any way that you feel works best in your hair to suit your wedding style.

All designs are unique and made to order, to any length, colour and detail.  The vines displayed below are to give you a bit of inspiration with some looks we have already created.

If you’re buying from our online shop, we’ll always follow up the purchase with a phone call to 100% guarantee you are getting the perfect accessory for your look.

70% of all images on your wedding day will be the bride and mainly of head and shoulders so think about what to have in your hair to put your personal and individual finishing touch to any wedding dress!


As we always tell our brides, the majority of your wedding photos will be from the shoulder up so it’s important to bear that in mind when accessorising!  Bridal hair vines are a fantastic way to accessorise the hair ensuring that you are bejewelled from every angle.  Simply having one small comb at the back may look stunning, but you won’t see any detail from front or side shots.


Why not visit the online shop to browse the collection today or alternatively, arrange to make an appointment at the studio.  If you live too far from London, no problem, simply request a personal call back and we can discuss your options to create the perfect wedding accessory!

To be inspired and start creating your own look, visit our shop...