Clients booking bespoke appointments will benefit from the very special, unique and valued relationship which Gillian builds with her customers as she aims to exceed the expectations of every bride.
‘It doesn’t cost any more, it’s just about getting it right and creating individual pieces for each customer…”

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A great experience - Gillian was so helpful and friendly. I was looking for a cheaper dress which Gillian was be great about showing me a range of dresses in the right style and price range as well as a few more expensive options just in case, which actually helped me feel confident I was choosing the dress that suited me best even when saving money! I never felt pressured to buy something I couldn't afford and was pleased that I got to have the exciting fitting type experience even though I was on a smaller budget. She also gave me great ideas about a veil and headpiece that I'd never have thought of myself. The appointment was very personalised for my style and I ended up buying a gorgeous headpiece to match my dress. My mum, bridesmaids and I had a great time - thanks Gillian!

- Nancy H

Such a wonderful and lovely service, would highly recommend! I was a bit confused about what I was looking for and Gillian really helped, picking out lots of options for me and fitting in time to try on all sorts of different styles and then narrowing them down and re-trying ones I liked. There was no pressure to make a decision and I she gave wonderful advice. Plus, the ethics of the business are great too, a must to go see for yourself.

- Kate W

I just had the most outstanding experience at this store.
And I bought a dress too, which I wasn't expecting. (This is only the third wedding dress store I've visited.)
Great price, lots of options, designer labels. Perfect!
I really loved working with Gillian Million and found that she offered patience and ample time to mull over the options. (Many stores rush you and boot you out the door after an hour.)
I will be recommending this place to ALL my London friends. It's worth the train journey over.

- Alanna P

This shop is a completely unique experience due to many reasons: the shop layout and decorations make the wonderful atmosphere and you can’t wait to see what dresses / jewellery and other accessories you can try on. Gillian takes time to learn about you and the venue. She then disappears for 5min and appears again with most beautiful dresses from her collection! There is no rush, Gillian is full of useful advice and she quickly learns about your taste and style. I would totally recommend visiting this shop – it is different from any others I have seen in London.

- Tina H

This place is the most beautiful little bridal shop I've ever visited. Full of charm and unique designs.
It's the only place I got excited about visiting and truly enjoyed. I honestly could spend hours looking at all the gorgeous dresses and accessories. Gillian was so nice too, honest and knowledgable.
My friends were gutted when we stumbled upon this shop and they hadn't known about it when they were searching for their wedding dresses and jewellery.
This place is a hidden gem amongst London's bridal shops.

- Jennifer O

I really enjoyed meeting Gillian and visiting her shop! I was shopping for a wedding dress and found 3 that I loved before narrowing it down to my favourite for the day! Gillian was professional and very quick to understand what I would and wouldn't like, allowing me to try on as many dresses as I wanted and to 'retry' my favourites. Highly recommended for any bride looking for a unique dress!

- Amanda L

Gillian Million's shop is a unique experience. She is a gracious host and she makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in. I am a very undecided person and Gillian has been very patient and helpful and really understood what I had in mind. The selection of dresses is spectacular, not to mention her creations. I highly recommend it!

- Francesca P

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Atelier of luxury wedding accessories & designer wedding dress agency.
Open 7-days a week by appointment only.
34 High St, Teddington TW11 8EW
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Clients booking bespoke appointments will benefit from the very special, unique and valued relationship which Gillian builds with her customers as she aims to exceed the expectations of every bride…