Pearl Labrinth Hairband


The idea of the Pearl Labrinth headband is that it looks like there is a brooch sitting securely in the hair. So intriguing and simply beautiful!

We often think we want combs in our hair but are concerned as to how they will stay in without slipping or having to use lots of hair spray! The Labrinth is the answer!

This beautiful intricately wired and jewelled headdress lies flat onto the head and sits asymmetrically with the band camouflaged into the colour of the hair. It gives the impression of a single comb but has the comfort and security of an invisible headband which is camouflaged into the colour of the hair. Created with muted gold or aged silver wire and using vintage pendants, antique and simulated cream and ivory pearls, swarovski crystals, cubic Zirconia and a mixture of vintage beads.

10cm long and 5cm at the widest point

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