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With a name as memorable as Gillian Million, it seems almost inevitable that Gillian would own a self-entitled brand. Her own wedding day back in 1999 was not only when she took on this fabulous surname, but also when her business idea was born. Not being able to find the perfect headpiece for her big day, she took it upon herself to create one and it was this small spark of passion for creating bridal accessories that ignited her bridal business.

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Hermione De Paula pre-loved wedding dresses at Gillian Million

Gillian continued to create fabulous headpieces and it wasn’t long before Liberty snapped up the designs. In 2009 Gillian opened her shop in Teddington and to this very day this beautiful boutique is the hub where all of the magic happens. Her eight-person strong team seek out the finest materials from around London and spend their days in the store’s workshop producing a whole host of bridal masterpieces. Despite having a dedicated team of artisans, Gillian still takes a very hands-on approach with all of the bespoke designs and particularly enjoys creating breathtaking pure silk veils. She also adores taking care of her many royal and celebrity clients, but most of all, Gillian loves getting to know every single bride that steps foot inside the delightful London store. By understanding their style, their expectations and their personality, Gillian can visualise what types of gorgeous accessories will complement their look for their wedding day.

Gillian Million offers their brides a beautiful designer wedding dress agency which is a collection of pre-loved wedding dresses and sample dresses due to a high demand for designer dresses at affordable prices.


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